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Dive into the captivating world of Ciurè with our comprehensive marketing campaign that brought this award-winning film to the forefront of audiences’ attention.

Through strategic social media management and influencer activations, we organically built a dedicated audience, resulting in over 200,000 views, reaching 160,000 individuals, and generating over 3,000 interactions on the movie’s Instagram account. And there’s more: Ciurè even went viral thanks to a single organic content reaching over 320,000 views.

Our collaboration with more than 13 LGBTQ+ influencers and communities across Palermo, Sicily, and Italy sparked nationwide interest: we estimated a potential organic reach of more than 610,000 users. The intensity of the movie, the promotion, and the contribution of communities and influencers led to a sell-out premiere and an additional week of showings.

With over 18 prestigious awards under its belt, Ciurè continues to captivate audiences nationwide, thanks to the support of targeted marketing efforts.


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