DIVANI & DIVANI – Commercial

Our commercial for the new sofa line from Divani & Divani, a distinguished brand under the Natuzzi Group, showcases our production capabilities comprehensively.
Entrusted with the entire creative and production journey, our team crafted a narrative highlighting the elegance, comfort, and innovative design of the collection.
From conceptualization to post-production, we emphasized the unique attributes of the sofa line and strategically selected music to complement the visual content.
Meticulous planning and execution during the production phase captured the luxurious essence of the sofas, while expertise in editing, motion graphics, and color grading ensured a polished final commercial aligned with Natuzzi Group’s high standards.
This commercial underscores our commitment to delivering production excellence, engaging audiences and elevating brand perception.

Production House: CDMstudios
Country: Italy

Director: ABNormal
DP: F.Casati


Creativity, Production, Post Production

  • Client

    NATUZZI Group

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