In the innovative ‘Arles’ commercial for Natuzzi Group, our team showcased CGI expertise by creating a fully digital presentation for one of Natuzzi’s latest couch designs.
Part of a series highlighting Natuzzi’s products, we utilized cutting-edge motion graphics and 3D animation to bring the Arles couch to virtual life.
Collaborating closely from the start, our creative and production teams aimed to display the couch’s craftsmanship and appeal through animation, accurately replicating it in 3D.
The animation process focused on highlighting the couch’s features, with post-production efforts refining the CGI model. This strategic blend of artistry and precision aims to captivate viewers, setting a new standard for product showcases in the furniture industry.

Production House: CDMstudios
Country: Italy

Director: F.Dublino


Creativity, Production, Post Production, Motion Graphic & 3D

  • Client

    NATUZZI Group

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