NISSAN – Maxima

In the Nissan Maxima commercial, our team handled critical post-production, focusing on creating a realistic 3D model of the car and seamlessly integrating it with live-action footage.
This demanded advanced technical skills and creative vision to ensure a seamless blend between the virtual and real.
The challenge extended beyond model creation; animating and compositing the Nissan Maxima in harmony with the live-action footage of the talented Catero Colbert required a seamless blend of the virtual and real.
This process involved meticulous attention to lighting, shadows, and motion to ensure that the 3D model interacted believably with the environment and the actor’s movements, contributing to the commercial’s overall humor and appeal.

Our expertise in post-production shines through, showcasing our ability to combine technical prowess with creative storytelling, resulting in a visually captivating and humorous advertisement highlighting the features and design of the Nissan Maxima.


Post Production

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