PLEASE – Denim

In producing a commercial for IMPERIAL’s denim line, PLEASE, our team faced a multifaceted challenge: executing comprehensive VFX post-production and providing specialized grip support for intricate camera movements.

This collaboration between IMPERIAL and our production company was pivotal in creating a seamless visual narrative, showcasing multiple iterations of the same model in various outfits.

Our grip department played a crucial role, employing advanced rigging and camera techniques, while our VFX post-production phase seamlessly blended shots to enhance the dynamism and appeal of IMPERIAL’s denim collection.

This commercial stands as a testament to our ability to merge technical grip work with advanced VFX, delivering a final product that captures the essence of IMPERIAL’s brand — innovative, stylish, and engaging.

Production House: IMPERIAL
Country: Italy

Director: S.Peluso – L.Boarelli
DP: A.Brunetti


Crew, Post Production

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