TAIF – Saudi Arabia

For the prestigious TAIF event, commissioned by the Saudi Ministry of Defense to commemorate a significant military occasion, our team was tasked with designing and producing digital content for a captivating video mapping experience. This project involved a multifaceted approach, integrating event design, corporate video production, post-production, motion graphics & 3D, and graphic design to create immersive visual narratives projected at the event.

Our role encompassed the entire creative process, from conceptualization to the final execution of content specifically tailored for video mapping, ensuring each piece resonated with the event’s themes and significance. This endeavor highlighted our expertise in crafting digital content that engages and inspires, utilizing advanced technology to honor the legacy and achievements of the Saudi military. Through this project, we demonstrated our ability to handle complex, high-profile events, delivering a memorable experience that seamlessly blended historical commemoration with cutting-edge digital artistry.


Production, Post Production, Motion Graphic & 3D, Graphic Design

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