ABU DHABI – Lady Sports Accademy

Commissioned by the Abu Dhabi Sports Council, our team developed a CGI flight-through video to preview the planned Lady Sports Academy facilities. Using advanced motion graphics and 3D modeling technology, we showcased the architectural elegance and functional design of the academy’s training environments, competition venues, and support facilities.

Our meticulous approach ensured accurate representation of the academy’s layout and integration within its surroundings. This visionary tool not only provided stakeholders and the public with a detailed preview but also generated excitement and support for the project, setting a new standard for sports infrastructure tailored to women in the region.

This project demonstrates our expertise in creating compelling visual content that bridges concept and reality, offering a glimpse into the future of sports facilities and inspiring engagement.


Creativity, Production, Motion Graphic & 3D

  • Client

    Abu Dhabi Sports Council

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