Our involvement in the ‘Che Tariffa’ commercial spanned the animation process, from crafting dynamic motion graphics to integrating a compelling voice-over for the commercial’s key messages.
Guided by Visionaria Film’s creative direction, we aimed to exceed expectations for digital advertising effectiveness. The challenge was to distill complex information into a visually appealing format, ensuring the ‘Che Tariffa’ message resonated with the target audience.
Using various animation techniques and graphic design elements, we created a vibrant visual experience complementing the voice-over narrative.
Synchronizing the voice-over with the visuals was crucial for enhancing the commercial’s impact. Our production team meticulously aligned the audio elements with the motion graphics, ensuring a seamless viewer experience throughout.

Production House: Visionaria
Country: Italy

Director: D.Cantlupo / F.Dublino
DP: F.Dublino


Production, Motion Graphic & 3D

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