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‘Ciurè’, a cinematic exploration by CDMstudios, intricately weaves the lives of two individuals from diverse backgrounds within Palermo’s vibrant yet challenging landscape. This compelling narrative delves into themes of survival, acceptance, and the unexpected intersections of human connection, prompting reflection on whether disparate worlds can unite to overcome shared challenges.

Our involvement in Ciurè extended across the entire filmmaking process, from the initial creative concept and script development to meticulous production and comprehensive post-production work. Set against the backdrop of Palermo, the film juxtaposes the gritty outskirts of the city with the glamorous nightlife of a club, providing a rich tapestry for storytelling.

The decision to feature a transgender dancer as a central character was pivotal in exploring themes of identity, acceptance, and the intricacies of human relationships in a contemporary socio-cultural context. During production, we focused on capturing the authentic essence of Palermo while maintaining sensitivity to the characters’ experiences and struggles.

In post-production, our team worked diligently to enhance the film’s visual and auditory elements, ensuring each scene evoked the intended emotions and narrative depth. Ciurè has received acclaim for its storytelling, direction, and production excellence, earning over 18 awards in various film festivals and competitions. This project exemplifies CDMstudios’ dedication to creating cinema that not only entertains but also sparks meaningful dialogue and fosters cultural understanding. Ciurè stands as a significant achievement in our portfolio, showcasing our ability to handle complex narratives and produce cinema that resonates deeply with audiences worldwide.


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